Conference sections


  1. New trends in jujube breeding

    Last achievements in jujube breeding will be presented including new cultivars, hybrids and rootstock obtained through classical crossings, chromosomes duplication, mutagenesis and field selection. Molecular characterizations of new genotypes and early molecular selection methods will be also presented.

  2. Sustainable jujube orchard management

    New planting systems, canopies and jujube orchard architecture and other aspects regarding sustainable soil, fertilizers and water management will be discussed. A special attention will be given to integrated and organic jujube orchards management.

  3. Jujube protection under climate change

    The topic will address the challenges of jujube protection under climate change threats. New systems of rain protection but also jujube protection against new pests and diseases will be presented.

  4. Fruit quality, postharvest and processing technologies

    Jujube fruit quality, postharvest management of fresh and dried jujube and modern processing technologies will be discussed largely. Healthy food became an important issue for several years, and the nutraceutical value of jujube fruit and products has to be promoted.

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